What is BotWars?

BotWars is a free to play online multiplayer game where users can create a bot/robot within their chosen programming langue – Once created users upload their bots to the website, where they will be automatically entered into an arena to determine an ultimate victor.

What is an arena?

An arena will be a pre-defined grid of 16 x 16 squares, each square will be given one of the three following states, each state will have unique functionality:

  • Wall – A solid circumference of walls will surround and encompass the arena, ensuring that robots within cannot escape during the game. Robots will be unable to enter a wall square or inflict any damage onto a wall.
  • Spawn – Each player will have 2 defined spawn points on within the arena, at the start of the game, and at each 10th turn the spawn points will automatically create a new robot for the player, and robot standing on the spawn during a spawn even will instantly die.
  • Normal - All other squares will be considered normal, a player may move onto any normal square so long as it is not already occupied or contested by another player. During a none spawn turn, the spawn squares will behave as a normal square.


What is a Game?

A game is where two players are entered into an arena to determine a winner; a game will consist of 100 turns where a player’s code may interface with their robots, and a 0 initial turn where the arena is created.

  • Start of Game – At the start of the game (Turn 0) All spawn points within the arena will spawn a robot for the player with 100 health, the players will have no interaction with the arena during this turn.
  • During Game – Every turn after this the player will be consulted as to what actions they wish to perform on their robots.
  • Spawn Turns - Every 10 turns (Turn 10, 20, 30 etc..) all spawn points on the map will automatically create a new robots with 100 health.
  • End Game - At the end of turn 100 a winner will be selected, the winner is the player with the most robots remaining.

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