Order & Precedence

During a turn the game will consult both players for their instructions, once the instructions are collected the turn will start, and the instructions can be expected to apply within the following order.

  1. Robots defending will immediately shelter into their defending state for the remainder of this turn.
  2. Self-destructing robots will initiate their self-destruct sequence, this process will not be stopped even if the robot is to die during the turn from other damage.
  3. Moving robots will now attempt their requested movement, if unable to move they will remain defenceless where they currently stand.
  4. Where this turn is a spawning turn, the spawn points will all trigger new robots into the arena.
  5. Attacking robots will fire their attacks in the requested direction.
  6. Finally, the self-destructing robots will trigger, ending the turn.
Tip: With tactics your able to dodge some attacks!

💂‍ Defending

A defending robot will not move from their position at the start of the turn, instead they will apply a shield which absorbs 50% of the damage from any attacks or self-destructs which would hit them with damage during the turn.


Tip: Defending when you are unlikely to escape an attack, or are attempting to hold a position within the arena.

💣 Self-Destructing

A self-destructing robot will not move from their position at the start of the turn, regardless of their health at the start of the turn and damage during the turn, their self-destruct is guaranteed to trigger, and their end health will be 0.

All robots immediately surrounding the self-destructing robot, will receive an attack hit of 6 – This is regardless of the robot owner (friendly or enemy), and surrounding is all 8 boxes in a ring around the robot.


Tip: Self destructing makes sense where its almost certain you will die during this turn, and several enemies are around you, making a splash of damage more effective than a single attack.

🐌 Moving

A moving robot will only be able to move into a new square if there is no contention on the square, and the square is not a wall.

Contention would occur when there is already a robot within the square at the start of the turn which does not vacate the square during the turn, or where another robot attempts to take the same square during the same turn.

When contention stops a robot from moving it will maintain its current position.


⚔️ Attacking

An attacking robot may attempt to attack any square North, East, South or West from its current position, which is not a wall.

The attack will take affect after all robot moves have completed for the turn, therefore it is important to consider when making an attack that this should be directed towards a square that a enemy robot is expected to be on at the end of the turn.

An attack on an enemy robot will hit with a damage of 12, with friendly fire hitting with a damage of 8 – If the victim robot is in a defending state, then the attack will be 50% as strong.


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